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Monday, February 3, 2014

Update to Canada Wide Price Matching at Walmart

A quick update about the Canada wide price matching. I don't want you to miss any of the deals, but.... I may have trouble keeping up with the picture posts. So, if you are printing the flyers to take with you because you don't have a smartphone or tablet, may i make a suggestion? Look at this list and make yourself your own grocery list. You can copy and paste right from the blog. Then go online and go to the grocery store sites that correspond with your shopping list. Only print off the pages you need. If you do have a smart phone or tablet, download the rebee app and take screenshots of the pages of the flyers you will be matching. I will try to include more websites and store locations in the future. I hope your price matching is going well. I love hearing from you so feel free to email me or comment.
Lococo's Feb 3-4 only 
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Schneider's Bacon 500g $2.50
 Seedless oranges .59/lb
 potatoes white 10lb bag $1.49
Sal's 31-6
Europe's best Mediterranean frozen vegetables 500g .99
 Top Food 31-6 
 Green peppers .79/lb
 Bonanaza Lalumiere 3-9
Natural selections  Turkey breast 175g $1.49
 Unico Tomatoes 796ml .89
Red Peppers .89/lb($1.96/kg)
Kiwi 6/.99
 6oz(170ml) blackberries .99
Red Grapes .99/lb
 London Drugs 31-6 
 Hershey's Chocolate 2/$5 use coupon from save .ca for $2 off and combine with CH51 $4 WYB2 for free! Old Town farm Market 29-3
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 zucchini .69/lb
 Best Value Food mart 31-6 
 bananas .37/lb
 fuji apples .57/lb
 hot house tomatoes .57/lb
IGA 30-5
 Mushrooms 227g .99
 Brocolli Crowns .99
 Green and red cabbage and rutabags .59/lb
Fresh Chicken breasts $1.99/lb
Fresh Chicken Legs back attached .99/lb
 Maxi Jan 30-5
Cucumbers english .99
20lb white russet potatoes $2.97
 No Frills Jan31-Feb6
Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $2.77/lb
 Armstrong Cheese or Saputo 500g $4.33
 pears .87/lb
 Unico beans or diced tomatoes 540-796ml .88
 Imperial Margarine 1.36kg $2.97
 Food Basics Jan 31-Feb 6 
Stewing Beef $2.88/lb
 Black Diamond 500g $4.44
 Pepperridge Farm Crackers $1.99(coupons and Ch51)
 Fresh Co Jan 30-Feb 5 
 Dempster's Tortillas 204g-340g $2
 Catelli Garden Select 640ml $1
Gay Lea Spreadables 227g $2(coupons and Ch51)
Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream $2
Tostitos Chips 220g-320g $2
Tostitos Salsa 394ml - 430ml $2
Coca-Cola or Pepsi 2L
 $1 Lay's Stax 155-163g $1
 Prime Whole Chicken $2/lb
 Ample Food Market (Brampton Ont) 31-6
 Sweet Yams .58/lb
 Eggplant .68/lb
Chicken Thighs $1.28/lb
Green Peppers .79/lb
 First Choice 31-6 
 green apple .39/lb
 fresh broccoli crowns .68/lb
Fresh Value 31-6 
Garlic 3 in a bag 4/$1
 zucchini .69/lb
 Hong Tai 31-6
Chicken drumsticks $1.18/lb
Andy Boy Romaine $1.88
Nations 31-6 
 Cornish game hens $2.19/lb
 asparagus $1.88 a bunch
 Starsky 30-12( Miss Ont)                                  
 Fresh Roasting Chicken $1.99/lb
 Perfect 31-6 Miss Ont
 Red grapes .98/lb
 Honey Dew $1.59 each
 Sweet Yam .58/lb
Snow Peas .98/lb
Seasons 31-6 (Brampton Ont)
 Ital Pasta 900g .88(limit 5)
 Chicken wings $1.79/lb
 Kraft Peanut Butter 1Kg $2.99 limit 2
celery .77 each
red delicious apples .58/lb
SuperKing 31-06
 Romaine .68
All Meat Deals in one spot
I just went through all the deals above and got all the meat together so you can see it at a glance. I am now color coding my shopping list to make the list pop out. I have meat (red), veggies (green), and fruit (yellow). I find it makes it easier to see.
 Fresh Chicken breasts $1.99/lb
 Chicken wings $1.79/lb
 Fresh Chicken Legs back attached .99/lb
 Fresh Roasting Chicken $1.99/lb
Chicken drumsticks $1.18/lb
Prime Whole Chicken $2/lb
 Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $2.77/lb
Chicken Thighs $1.28/lb
 Schneider's Bacon 500g $2.50
Stewing Beef $2.88/lb
Cornish game hens $2.19/lb

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