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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Price Matching in Pictures

 First picture paid $33.42 should have paid $59.96.
Second picture I spent $46.66. I should have paid $110.55.
A total of $170.51 worth of groceries for $80.08! That's almost 47% savings!
Walmart's Canada wide price matching is a great way to save big on groceries! Last month we came in almost $100 under budget! This month looks good so far! As you can see there's lots of fruits and veggies! We are having fruit smoothies every morning!
I must say I am highly encouraged by our decreasing grocery bill. You heard me right, decreasing! If you don't already know we are a family of 5, 4 of us still living together. We have 2 teenagers(read: mom what can I eat?) and my husband has celiac disease. We like to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. We try and limit our processed food, something that has become even easier since hubby's diagnosis as he can't eat that anyways! You have probably already heard these tips for lowering your grocery bill but sometimes they are worth repeating.
1. Menu plan.
Yes, I've talked about it lots here. It's one of the biggest ways to slash your grocery bill. I do practice what I preach. Every week I menu plan(right Linda?)rarely do we ever miss.
A.Menu planning means going through the fridge, freezer and pantry and figuring out what you have on hand.
B. Going through the flyers to see what's on sale.
C. Sitting down and making a plan that fits your family's schedule and preferences. Some like to plan weeks, or months at a time. I find I can't stick to a long plan, I need to do it once a week. Do what works for you.
D. To make it easier try having theme nights, say pasta night, soup night, vegetarian night, pizza night
2. Try and eat less meat. 
Our portions are usually much higher than recommended. Meat is usually the central thing, and the other things are considered sides. Why not use meat as a add in? Suggestions:
1. spaghetti sauce, with some meat
2. tortillas with meat and beans or just beans
3. casseroles
4. stir fries
3. Keep track of what you spend
This year I will continue my habit of taking pictures of all I buy. I have found this super helpful in seeing exactly what we are eating. Also, I will continue to keep my receipts. I have added in a new habit of writing on my calendar my total spent each day. Instead of waiting till the end of the month to tally grocery receipts I do it minimum once a week.
4. Shop once a week
Shopping once a week is a great way to reduce your grocery bill! Being in the stores less often automatically means you spend less. I have found with the price matching once a week is just perfect.
Last year was a big adjustment for our family as we learned to eat gluten free. This year I hope to follow all the tips above and reduce or grocery bill. I will keep you updated. How about you? I love hearing from you. Go ahead and email me or comment here.


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