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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Costco Salmon Deal

We popped into Costco last night and stumbled upon this deal. 6 cans of Ocean's salmon for $7.39. That's $1.23 for a 213 g can.This works out to $5.77/kg or $2.62/lb. Now, looking at it that way it may seem expensive. (Just to compare salmon fillets at their best price are $3.43/lb or $7.55/kg.) But, the reason this can be such an inexpensive meal is that it's an add in. Most of the recipes below call for just one can. That means the meat for your meal is only costing you just over $1! This is a great way to stretch your food spending. It is a healthy, inexpensive source of protein! It has the bones in which is not my favorite. I do not believe in crushing them up and eating them, sorry, doesn't matter how good that is for you....not doing it. So, I carefully removed the bones and will do so with every can I open. We have been truly unsuccessful in the search for yummy gluten free bread so hubby takes rice crackers and spreads tuna or egg salad on them for lunch. I spent sometime on Pinterest this morning and found some fun ideas to use with canned salmon. There salmon meatballs, sweet potato salmon cakes, salmon curry, and salmon slider
s. I think I will go back and buy some more. The best before date is 2018!

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