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Friday, February 7, 2014

This Week's Sales

Last time we were at Walmart our teller said things had changed. It was not fun. Now that we know the new rules hopefully today's shop will go smoother.
New rules are:
1. They want the .ca website in the flyer(if you can prove it's Canadian(address on the flyer) even though it's .com you're ok). I tried to explain that rebee is a Canadian flyer site....
2. Don't want to see another language in the flyer, but might take it if English is clear
3. Can only save the regular price less the savings. So, for example the Danone yogurt listed below has to be an original price of $3.69 or less. If their price is $4 you can only save the $1.70 meaning you will pay $2.30!
4.Want to see the date on the flyer, not from the screenshot of the rebee app. Remember I told you how on the iPad I could take a screenshot and it would put the date nice and clear on the bottom? Well, they don't want that.
So, a few bumps in the road, but hang in there if your Walmart is changing things up. It's totally worth the hassle for the amount saved on groceries!

Shoppers (Markham Ont) 1-7
Large white eggs $1.99 limit 2
Nations(Hamilton,Ont) 7-13
 Zucchini .59/lb
Red Peppers .99/lb
Avocadoes $1.99/bag
Valu-mart 7-13(Scotland,Ont)
Russet, yellow or red potatoes 10lb $1.99
Danone Or Astro original yogurt 650-750g $1.99(save $1.70)
 FoodyMart Hwy7 (Markham Ont) 7-13 (not sure if they will honor this flyer at my Walmart as they don’t like another language on the flyer!)
 English Cucumbers 2/$1(reg $1.29 each)
Large brown eggs $2.38(reg$2.99)
 Red Path Sugar 2Kg $1.57(reg $2.99) FEB 8 ONLY
Green Bartlett Pears .78/lb(reg $1.39/lb)
Zucchini .48/lb(reg.99/lb)
Fresh Chicken breast boneless skinless $2.58/lb(reg $3.99/lb)
 Roma tomatoes .68/lb(reg $1.29)
Pat Mart(Markham Ont) 7-13 (not sure if they will honor this flyer at my Walmart as they don’t like another language on the flyer!)
 Bananas .49/lb
Green onions 3/$1
Nations (Markham Ont) 7-13 
Skinless bone in chicken breasts $2.19/lb
 Zucchini .59/lb
Red Peppers .99/lb
 Avocadoes $1.99/bag
4L Heinz vinegar $1.99(reg $2.99)
Yummy Market (Markham Ont) 7-20
Bananas .49/lb
Golden Delicious apples .49/lb
Pork Center cut, rib end, or roast bone in $1.69/lb
 Carrots 2lb bag .99
10lb white or yukon potatoes $1.99
Stewing beef $2.99/lb(save $2/lb)
Whole grade A chicken $1.99/lb(reg $2.99/lb)
 Cataladi (Markham Ont) 5-11
Broccoli .99ea
Green grapes $1.49/lb
Celery .99ea
Barilla pasta 454g .77
 Perfect Supermarket(Miss,Ont)7-13
Cantaloupe $1(reg$1.99)
Chicken Drumsticks $1.58/lb(reg $1.99/lb)
Lemons 3/$1(reg 2/$1)
Red grapes $1.38/lb(reg $1.59/lb)
 IGA (Surrey BC) 7-13
Cauliflower $1.69
SuperValu and Shop Easy(Surrey BC)7-13
Pineapples $1.99
Old Town Farm Market 5-10(Kelowna BC)
Orange Peppers .99/lb
Lakeview Markets 3-9(Kelowna BC)
Green Peppers .98/lb
 Spartan apples .58/lb
Quality Greens 4-10 (Kelowna BC)
Organic Brocolli .99/lb
1L Chocolate Milk .99
Large green peppers .99/lb
 Ambrosia apples .79/lb
 Safeway 7-13 (Kelowna BC) 
7-9 only 
2L milk 2/$4 limit 4
Ribs Side Pork Fresh $1.99/lb limit 4
 London Drugs 7-12 (Kelowna BC)
Queen of the Ocean Tuna 170g/ Seawave Pink Salmon 106g .79
Rice Krispies 640 g or Cornflakes 680g $2.99
Uniprix (Montreal, Quebec)Feb 6-12
Oasis Juice 960ml .89(limit 3)
Marche Richelieu (Montreal, Quebec)Feb 6-12
Smoked Pork Shoulder Picnic $1.29/lb($2.84/kg)
Marche Ami (Montreal, Quebec)Feb 6-12 
Cantaloupe 2/$4
No Frills 7-13(Hamilton,Ont)
 Beatrice Sour cream 500ml $1
 Independent 7-13(Hamilton,Ont)
 Pork side ribs $1.49/lb(save $4.40/lb)
Cantaloupe $1.99ea
10lb bag of white,yellow,or red potatoes $1.99ea

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