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Friday, February 28, 2014

This Week's Sales

Here's some deals around Canada that you can price match at Walmart.
 SuperMarche Feb 24-Mar 2 Mont,Que
 English cucumbers .69 ea
Asparagus .99/lb
Oasis 8X200ml $1.99
Country Natural Sausages 300g $1.99
Grape Tomatoes .99
Spinach .99
 Lococo's 28-Mar 6 Niagra Falls,Ont 
Asparagus .99/lb
Seedless Cucumbers .69
Anjou Pears .69/lb
 Oceans Brampton,Ont 28-Mar 6 
Strawberries $1.59/lb box
Fresh Pork Ham .99/lb
Napa cabbage .59/lb
Spaghetti Squash .39/lb
Red Grapes .99/lb
Spinach 3 bunches for $2(.67ea)
 Quality Greens 24-Mar 3
Spartan apples .49/lb
 Seasons Brampton,Ont 28-Mar 6 
Fresh Pork Loin center and rib $1.29/lb
Chicken Leg .99/lb
Zucchini .59/lb
Korean Cabbage .59/lb
 Jumbo Head Lettuce .79 ea
Spinach 3 bunches 3/$2
Red Globe grapes .99/lb
 Yummy Market Feb 21- Mar 6 Brampton,Ont
 Pork Boneless Centre Cut Rib End Chops or Roast $1.99/lb
 Blue Sky Toronto,Ont Feb 28-Mar 6 
2lb carrots 2/$1.50
Crown Broccoli .69/lb
Fresh Chicken Wings $1.69/lb
 Garlic 5(3s)for $1
Roma Tomatoes .79/lb
 No Frills Brampton,Ont 28-Mar 6 
Chicken drumsticks or Thighs $1.88/lb
Mushrooms 227g .88
Iceberg lettuce .88
Roma tomatoes .88/lb
18 pack large eggs $2.88
Country Harvest or Mealtyme Bread 675g $1.88
 Sobeys Brampton,Ont 28-Mar 6 
18 pack large eggs $2.99
 Food Port 28-Mar 6 Milton,Ont 
Chickens $1.88/lb $4.14/kg
 T&T 28-Mar 3 Surrey BC
Honeydew .99/lb
Roma Tomatoes .68/lb
 HMart 28-Mar 6
 Green Onions 5/$1 (FRI_SUN)
 Best Value Toronto, Ont 28-Mar 6
Chicken Drumsticks $1.27/lb (Fri-Sun)
Green Onions 3/.97
Green Apples .77/lb
 Celery .97
 Nations Brampton,Ont 28-Mar 6
Strawberries $1.59/lb box
 Fresh Pork Ham .99/lb
Radicchio 2 for $1
Savoy Cabbage .29/lb
Red Grapes .99/lb
Spinach 3 bunches for $2(.67ea)
 Cataldi 26-Mar 4 Toronto,Ont 
Celery .99
 Metro Feb 27-Mar 5 Montreal, Que
 Large Eggs 2/$4
 Bonanaza Lalumiere 24-Mar 2 Mont,Que 
Bananas .49/lb $1.08/kg
Cantaloupes $1.39
Tomatoes .79/lb
5lbs carrots or onions $1.49
 Farmer Al's 26-28 Niagra Falls,Ont 
White potatoes 10lbs $1.49
 Pineapples $1.49
 IGA 27-Mar 5Montreal, Que 
Cabbage Green,red,or savoy .59/lb $1.30/kg
 Old Town Farm Market 26-Mar3 Kelowna BC 
Ambrosia apples .79/lb
 Green or Red leaf Lettuce .99ea
 FreshCo Feb 27- Mar 5 Hampton Ont 
Eye of Round Roast $1.97/lb
 Large Eggs $1.88


Anonymous said...

Hey Sue, this is so awesome. We've been using a screenshot of the flyers on an ipad and taking it in. Loving the savings! Thanks so much. Miss you my friend!

Heather h

Sue said...

I miss you too Heather! So happy this is working for you in Edmonton. Stay warm my friend! Happy saving!!! :)