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Friday, February 28, 2014

Costco Savings on Gluten Free and Pork Tenderloin

I had to share this week's Costco deals! A little savings on those gluten free items! These are items we have found to be good quality. As you can see I stocked up. My track record with Costco is they get something we love and then they pull it from the shelves! The spaghetti ends up being $2 a box. The bonus is that they are actual 475g boxes. One thing I have noticed with gluten free items, especially pasta, the size has shrunk......most are 340g. These 3 packs usually sell for $7.99, but they are on for $5.99. The cereal is 750g size and the regular price is $7.69, it's on sale for $5.69. The boneless pork tenderloin only goes on sale twice a year. It is $5 off per package. The best deal is to buy the smallest package. I cut it up into roasts, chops, cubed pork and I grind up some of the ends. Does your Costco have these same deals??

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