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Saturday, February 15, 2014

This Week's Price Matching Deals

We have found a bit of a rhythm with the Canada wide price matching. Once a week we go in the morning. It's an ordeal(this week we were there 3 hours!)but we are getting better at it! The nice thing is my sister in law and I enjoy each other's company and enjoy this kind of shopping! We have a very competent teller who makes the process much less stressful! Our Walmart is asking that the address of the flyer we are using be shown somewhere on the flyer. They also want to be able to read the flyer in English. This week I needed to finish my food coop shopping and I stumbled upon an unexpected gift! When we were all done when we saw the grapefruits pictured below. 1 bag for .77! I immediately took a picture. As you may or may not know Walmart honors the Scanning Code Practice of Canada. This states that if the item scans incorrectly you get the first item free, up to a $10 savings. So, the grapefruits rang up as $4.97. I got one free and 3 more at .77!
Lalumiere Montreal,Quebec 10-16 
Chicken thighs .99/lb
 Schneiders bologna 375g $1
Pears .79/lb
Bananas .45/lb
Roma tomatoes .89/lb

 Linter marche Montreal,Quebec 13-19
 Cucumbers .59
 Kiwis 4/$1
Duncan Hines cake mixes .99

 Super C Montreal,Quebec 13-19
Broccoli .88
Ham pork shoulder picnic.88/lb
Aylmer tomatoes .88
 Maxi Montreal,Quebec 13-19
 Limes 5/$1

 IGA 13-19 Montreal, Quebec
 Asparagus $1.49/lb

 Food basics 14-20 Toronto Ont
 Dozen eggs 3/$5(14-16only)
 Roast outside round $2.88/lb

. Fortinos 14-16 Toronto Ont
Eggs 18 $2.49
Country harvest bread $1.99

 Catalidi 12-18 Toronto Ont
Nectarines .99/lb
 Red globe grapes .99/lb
 Cauliflowers $1.99
 Super marche 10-16 Montreal, Quebec
Oranges 10/$2.99
 Blackberries 2/$2
Celery .99
Red grapes .99/lb
 Chicken thighs .99/lb

 Yummy Market Toronto, Ont 7-20
 Bananas .49/lb
 Delicious apples .49/lb
 Best Value FoodMart 14-20Toronto,Ont
 Omega 3 Eggs 2/$4.97 limit 2
 Old El Paso Soft tortillas 2/$3
 Wonder Bread 675g $1.27 limit 2
 Fresh Pork chops $1.27/lb(fri-sun)
 Chicken drumsticks $1.27/lb(fri-sun)
Pork boneless loin $1.87/lb
Bamboo tree rice paper 340g .97
Lactancia cream cheese 250g $1.77
 Avocadoes 2 bags for $2.97($1.49 each)
Roma Tomatoes .77/lb(reg$1.59)
 broccoli crowns .77/lb

 Nations 14-20 Toronto Ont
 Allen's fruit cocktail 8X200ml .99pk
 Pork Picnic shoulder .89/lb
 Fresh Chicken Drumsticks $1.29/lb
 Red grapes .99/lb
Unico Chickpeas or Red kidney beans 540ml .79

 Btrust 14-20 Toronto Ont
Jumbo Pineapples $1.68

 Price Chopper 13-19 Toronto Ont 
Fresh Split Chicken Breasts $1.88/lb
Fruitopia/Five Alive 1.75L .88

 Highland Farms 14-20 Toronto Ont 
Astro Yogurt 650-750g 3/$5
 Europe's Best Fruit 500-600g $3.99

 No Frills 13-20 Toronto Ont
 Blackberries 170g $1
mushrooms 227g .97

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