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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

No More Price Matching Canada Wide

Well....My sister in law and I  headed out to do some shopping today. Odd for us as our habit is Thursday or Friday, but we were both low on fruits and veggies. Our trip started off with a lurch as my car decided it just wanted to stay in my driveway..... that was as far as it was going. So, my dear sister came and collected me! We headed off and got some yummy fruits and veggies at Quality Greens. Cauliflowers for .79/lb, Anjou Pears for .79/lb and Ambrosia apples 2/5lb bags for $5(.50/lb!) as well as some clearance zucchini and carrots. Next stop was Save On where Bob's All Purpose Gluten Free flour was on for $8.79 for the 1.2 kg size. Costco had the Newman's Spaghetti/Marina Sauce 4 jars for $4.99. Our last stop was Walmart. We started at customer service as my sister had a return of something she had bought online. While there we got into a discussion with the customer service staff about the cashiers that were good at Canada wide price matching. Our favorite teller was on the express line, so we were at a loss as to who we should bring our purchases to. The manager told us to come see her in a half hour when we were done. 25 minutes later we were looking for a line to join when the customer service manager approached us to tell us that as of right then Canada wide price matching was over. No longer would Walmart match flyers Canada wide only locally. We were sad......we are sad....I am sad to share this with you! It made me so happy to get emails from you saying you were Canada wide price matching in your city! I knew it wouldn't was fun, but now it's over. We will go back to our habit of frequenting all the stores once a week. We will get the lost leaders and sales and look for great clearance deals.  How about you? What creative ways do you save money on groceries?????