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Monday, March 17, 2014

Instantaneous Deal Sharing With Instagram

I have been hoping to find a way to share deals I find instantaneously. Sharing on the blog is fine for long date sales but it takes time for Blogger to send the emails out and so it can be days before you get an email. Well, I may have found the perfect platform in Instagram. With Instagram I can take a photo in store and upload it right away! For example, tonight I was in Shoppers and found they had brown eggs with the store sticker coupons on them. The regular price was $3.49, the store sticker was $2 off, making them $1.49 a dozen!(They don't expire until March 24, and there were lots when I left.)With Instagram I took a picture and uploaded it! So, if you are interested in seeing the latest deals immediately all you need to do is get an Instagram account. It's free in the App and Google Play Stores. You can find me by typing in savingyourhardearnedmoney in the search for a user area. That's it. When I find a deal I will post the photo and a quick info blurb. I hope it helps you save more on your groceries!

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