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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Red Box Movie Rentals

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Red Box in Safeway
Would you like a free movie rental? Do you have Red Box rental kiosks in your area? Click here to see. In our area they seem to be in Walmart and Safeway. 
1.What I love about this is that you can return it to ANY Red Box in Canada, if you are in Canada, Or in the US if you live there! 
2. Rental time is until 9pm the following day
3. DVDs cost $1.50/night Blue Rays $2/night
4. You can use your free movie code for a free DVD or $1.50 off you Blue Ray rental(.50)
5. Easy to use!
If it's the first time you are renting, you can use the code REDBOX4ME. If you have already used that and don't mind getting texts. Text 828282 before Sunday the 21st and get a free code on Monday for a 1 day rental.

 On their website it says text SIGNUP and you will get a free rental every month! To stop messages at any time text STOP 828282.
 I have been wanting to see Lincoln.....What about you?

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Lisa Kascak said...

Love the update on Redbox! I think Redbox is is so easy and convenient! I noticed that your rentals cost