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Monday, April 8, 2013

Mail In Rebates

There are a few new MIRs. One from Resolve and one from Finish.
The Finish Quantum one is good from April 8-May13. It's for up to $8.49. The official form is on Facebook and can be found here. There are $2 off coupons out there. It would be a good one to use  during the upcoming spend $75 get 18500 points at Shoppers( April 13-16) or Customer Appreciation Days at  Safeway(10% off) or Extra Foods(10-15% off).
The Resolve One is good from April 13-May13. It is good for up to $7.99. The official form is here . I know of $1 off coupons out there. There maybe others too.
I don't think you could do both at Shoppers in one shop as they say original receipt and if you bought them both on the same receipt and got a duplicate I think it would say duplicate on the receipt. Have any of you done this? 


Anonymous said...

Where can I find Finish Quantum coupons? Are there any printables?

Sue said...

Hi There,
The coupons I know about are from inserts. I looked on but don't see any printables. Let me know if you find any. I will post if I do! Thanks for commenting!