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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Deals, Deals and More Deals!

Finally found the free Vileda Kitchen scrunge! At Walmart! Seems most stores have pulled them off completely?!
The Crest Mouthwash was $1 and there are $1 off coupons. I saw them at Superstore today.(Since writing this I have seen them at IGA and Rexall, the coupons, that is)  So, 9, 36 ml bottles = tax only or  $1.08 for a total of  3.24 L of mouthwash!
Grand total at Walmart $1.44
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Jackpot in the clearance at Superstore!
The Sunlight dish washing liquid were $1.52 for 1.2L
The Sunlight dishwasher tabs were $4.82 and I had a $2 off coupon, plus I am doing the MIR from Shoppers Voice for it. So, I was paid $2.61 to buy it!
The Lysol No Touch was $4.97 and I had a $5 off coupon, so .57!
Dr Oetker pudding was .99-.50 coupon=.49
The sliced mangoes were .25 a can!!!!
The tums and the right guard are explained below.
So, grand total after MIR and tums points is $9.15!!!
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This was my Safweway shop. New at Safeway site has .50 off on the puddings. They are on for .99 this week. So, .49 per box. The Grillems were a buy one get one coupon, they were on for $5 and 10 Airmiles when you buy 2.
The IOGO yogurt worked out to .99 after coupon.
Grand total $8.93(plus about $1.05 in Air Miles)
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Our Costco has Spiral Hams for $6 off.  This was the smallest one I could find.
$21.23-$6=$15.23 works out to $1.95/lb!
Havarti is also on sale. 454g, for $4.49!
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This is the XSCargo flyer. It has Barilla pasta on for .88. Here's an coupon from an insert for .75. .13 for pasta is an awesome deal! I hoped to price match at Walmart or Superstore, but couldn't find any whole wheat Barilla.
The recent insert had this coupon for $1.50 off any right guard body wash or deodrant. Our  Superstore had them for $1.49. Since posting this I saw these for .99 at London Drugs.
Remember me talking about the Fresh Juice magazine coupons? Well, the 25 of Tums are  $2.29. There was a coupon from a mail out for $1 and you get $1 worth of points, so .29 for these Tums!
$5 off Internet Coupon used to get Lysol No Touch system at Superstore for .57.
The Reactine is a Checkout 51 deal this week. $2 Cash Back. There is also  $3 off coupon on Healthy Essentials,
or this one from the Reactine website.
I found the 3's for $3.29 at Safeway.
Combine these means you would make $1.48!
This is another Checkout 51 deal this week. They are offering $2 cash back. The Buy One Get One Free Glade Coupon expires today, so that would mean you would get 2 of these for $6.87-$2= $4.87 plus taxes. Or, you could use the $5 Websaver coupon off, it expires on the 27th. Using the $5 coupon you'd pay some of the taxes.(.69 in BC)

In the recent insert, there were $2 off coupons for dial. At Walmart  Dial is $2.50!

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