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Thursday, April 11, 2013


blog 011
Did you get this magazine in the mail? It's free and it's from President's Choice. If you didn't get it, I saw a stand of them by the produce in our store. Inside are these coupons. They are good for PC points IF you use your PCMC to pay. Earlier in the week I used one for nasal strips, along with a coupon :), to get 5000 points, or $5! Ended up being cheaper than Costco! There also is one for 3000 points if you buy the Spectro. That little bottle was .99 so you could make $2!
blog 009
I like to drop into Safeway just after 9am as the guy who goes around marking things down is done about then. :) This last week's Checkout 51 had the Liberte yogurt $1.50 cash back. These were 50% off, so I got them for .99 each! The finish was marked down to $4.99 and I had $2 off coupons, so $2.99. The Yoptimal was $1.75-.50=$1.25 each. The whipping cream was $2.41. 
Grand Total was $15.06
blog 007
Walmart had the Europe's Best on Clearance! $4.50/bag!
With a $1 of coupon and $2 from Checkout 51, that made it $1.50/bag!
blog 006
$1.50 after coupon and Checkout 51.
blog 003
I did this part of my shop as a MIR. President's Choice is offering a $10 gift card if you  Spend $20 on participating products. The form is in the coupon zone at the store. I am strange. I actually enjoy figuring these things out! So, I parked myself in front of a self scanner and tried different combos. I was wanting to try the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step system for awhile now, so this was good! Turned out it and a refill were in the 50% off stuff! When the scanner scans it, it gives you the price before discount.
One Step $7.24-3.62=$3.62
One Step Refill $3.54-$1.77-$1.50=.27
Kitchen Cleaner $3.57-$2=$1.57
Toilet Cleansing Gel $2.97(coupons inside for $3 and $2)
Toilet Bowl Cleaner $2.77-$2.77(free when you buy a toilet cleansing gel)=0
Shower Cleaner $2.97-$1.50=$1.47
Ziploc Freezer bags $3.27-$1=$2.27(2 sets of coupons worth total of $6 inside)
Total $12.17 plus tax $2.50= $14.67-$10 GC(hopefully, there were 5000 available)=$4.67

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