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Monday, April 8, 2013

Gas Savings Update

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Hubby got this amazing shot this weekend!
Back in January I did this post on saving money on gas.
Well, last night I did the shop shown below and was surprised to learn I already had $20 in PC Points! I was surprised because I only use the PCMC for gas purchases as they started giving 7 cents per litre in gas bucks starting this January. I thought they gave 10 points/$1, but it is actually double. It's 20 points/$1.
So, these are my numbers so far this year.

Gas bucks $54.44
PC Points 15321=$15.32
Total $69.76
This means that over the whole year(based on last year's spending) my PC Points will be double what I thought, or $59.24.
Making the year's saving $234.92, instead of $205.30.
All of that to say, if you use PCMC to save money on gas you may be getting a bigger bang for your buck! :)

blog 004
Last night at Superstore I got the above groceries.

The 3 Harvest Crunch were $2 each and I had .50 coupons=$4.50
The Trop 50 was $3.97-$3.97 when you buy 3 Quaker Harvest bars.
The Highliner fish were $4 limit 3=$12
The Fruit Crisps were $2.50-$1 coupon=$1.50
The tomatoes were $1.97
The green onions .57
The cookies 1.44-.72=.72
The whipping cream $2.97-$1.49=$1.48
The Nasal Strips $13.99-$2=$11.99
Total $31.74
Used one gas buck for 6.18 and $20 worth of PC Points.
My total was then $5.54
In the latest Fresh Juice Magazine there was a coupon for 5000 PC points if you buy nasal strips. 5000 PC points as you know are worth $5. So my grand total really is .54!

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