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Monday, December 3, 2012

Customer Appreciation Deals

Tomorrow is 10% off day at Safeway and 10-15% off at Extra Foods. Here are some of the deals out there.
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Safeway has mushrooms $1.99/lb($1.79/lb on 10% off day)
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Buy 3 Kellogg's cereal for $12 and get a free milk.
Works out to $10.80 for the cereal on 10% off day, use some coupons to get your total even lower
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Windex are 2/$5 and have bonus airmiles if you by 3 or 6. This weekend in the  Smart Source there was this coupon for by 2 save $2. Making it $1.50/ bottle or $1.25 on 10% off day.
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Kraft is having their buy 3 products and get a free Cracker Barrel cheese again. Combine this with coupons and  10%  off day for an even better deal!
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Oven Joy Bread $1.25 a loaf! $1.23/loaf on 10% off day!
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More deals at Safeway.
blog 025
Lakeview Market has some coupon deals. The chicken works out to $2.99/lb.
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You could price match the romaine at Walmart or Superstore(Extra Foods).
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Again you could price match the avocadoes.
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Extra Foods
Sirloin tip $2.68/lb
pomegranates .96 each
Roma tomatoes .86/lb
NN Pepperoni, salami, or summer sausage 500g $1.98
Quaker Cereals 350-750g $2 limit 4
Astro yogurt 650-750g $1.97
Bok Choy .48/lb
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Do you need iTunes gift cards for stocking stuffers? In the Superstore flyer  they have a coupon for 3, $10 gift cards for $24.
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Coopers and Save On both have the Stayfree on for $1.99. Again you could price match if you  don't plan to go to these stores. The coupon that's here is good until Dec 31, so you could get them free!

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