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Monday, December 17, 2012

This Week's Checkout 51 Deals!

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This week's Checkout 51 offers are awesome! As Christmas gets closer food prices tend to rise, so don't forget to check out(ha ha) Checkout 51 this week, the discounts are substantial. If you are squeamish about coupons this is the way to go, as you don't have to hand anyone anything, just take a picture of your receipt and upload it. Wanna save even more? Add in a coupon! Need Baby wipes? There is a coupon here for $1 off, plus checkout 51 has a rebate of $3! So, if you were to buy them at Rexall drugs this week, you would make money, they are $3.99 there. 
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You can see here that some of the offers have 0 remaining, that means when the offers come out on Thursdays we need to get them soon as there is a limit to how many are available. I was away for the weekend and so I thought I missed out on some badly needed Ketchup! However, I got a wonderful email this morning saying that Beta testers still have access to all the offers all week. This may change in the future.
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Here's what I got...
Cheerios 1Kg(Costco) $6.99-$2 cash back=$4.99
Ketchup 2.84L
(Costco) $5.94-$2.50 cash back=$3.44
Philly Cream Cheese 3X250g
(Costco) $8.89-$4cash back=$4.89
Unico Chickpeas(Walmart)$1.15-.50cash back=$.65
Miss Vickies Chips $3.67
(Walmart)-$1.50-$3.67 coupon=$1.50profit
I got the wrong brand cake mix, so be aware, it's easy to get it wrong!
Total Spent $28.03
Total Cash Back $10.50
Coupons used $3.67
Out of pocket total $13.86!!!
I needed the Ketchup and Cream cheese right now, so I was very happy to get this deal! I hope you are able to take advantage of some of these great deals!

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