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Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Talented Niece....

This post is strictly a brag! My niece has had some time on her hands as she has been unable to go to school for awhile now. She has been keeping herself entertained by creating nail designs. She gets some of her inspiration from instagram. I call her art, "Nails by Faith!"
Aren't these ones gorgeous!
Christmasy designs. Don't you love the tree?
Check these ones out!
                                         Can you see the little snowflakes?I need all of these designs! I love them!
Aren't these cute?
Look at these fun ones! I bet my niece, Karlee, wishes she could have Faith do these on her nails! Which ones are your favorite Karlee?
Below are grandma's nails. Faith did them for her when she was here for a visit. Mom confided that she wore rubber gloves to protect her beautiful nails, even in the shower! :)
Grandma got her nails done!

Christmas nails! 
lego 007
This is such a cool way to do nails! First, I had to choose the colors I wanted. Then in a  cup of water she dropped nail polish. You just keep adding nail polish colors until it no longer expands.Then you wrap your finger edges with masking tape. She says don't try other tapes, you will fail! In the cup you put a toothpick to swirl the nail polish and make a cool design.
lego 008
This is an action shot as you can see the the blurry hand Faith has! Next, I dip my  taped finger into the middle of the  nail polish. While my fingers in there she gets in with a toothpick to pull the polish away from my finger.
lego 009
Now you can see why the tape is necessary! Peel off the tape, carefully, and then drop on some Flash dry.
lego 011
I felt so special with my "Nails by Faith" design!
Wow! Look what she did to her mom's nails!
nails 004
Last night she did Marissa's nails. Aren't they beautiful!
 You are amazing Faith!
think you should pick a great Christmas design for me next!

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