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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rising Food Prices and How to Beat Them

Below is a guest blog by one of my daughters. She is taking Journalism and needed to post an article online. I think she did a great job! Enjoy!

The price for food in Canada is rising steadily. This is because of the hot summer and drought which caused many of the crops to dry up. At a first glance it may not seem too bad, there were only problems with the grain, rice and corn. But then if you think about it these affect a lot of our foods. For example: meat prices will go up because grain and corn are big part of an animal’s diet as well. This also means that bread, cereal, milk, eggs and such will all go up as well. These are all important staple foods in our diets. Some people expect food prices to jump 3-4% higher.

There are ways to beat the rising food costs though. Careful, strategic, planning of what you’re going to eat and what you need to buy will help you save money and waste less. Eating home cooked meals and staying away from processed foods will also help you save money! Not only that but it’s much healthier for you. Then of course my mother’s blog here will be a big help! The great deals she finds and recipes for delicious food will help with your budget and keep you healthily during these harder times.


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