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Friday, November 23, 2012

Shutterfly 10 Free Cards

Did you finish your Shutterfly calendar? I did.(If you didn't finish today is the last day to get the free calendar).
 It was lots of work, but I think I will finally keep the promise I make to myself and work on my calendar all year long.(I've been promising myself this for years,so I'll let you know how it goes). 

My shipping was $5.99 to Canada. I usually order my calendars this week of November and expect to end up paying $20 all taxes and shipping in per calendar. This year I got 5 calendars and paid $16.54/calendar. They also threw in 30 free prints. Like I said I always order from them every year because they have high quality calendars that I can be proud to give as gifts.
This year I learned several new things that I thought I would share with you in case it's helpful. I made calendars for my husband's side of the family as well as mine.I knew they were going to be somewhat similar so I wondered how I could keep all the pictures(mostly) and not have to start from scratch. Our calendars usually have the kids' birthday months devoted to pictures of them. I called customer service and she patiently walked me through the process!
 All you do is press the save button and save it as say, "The Smith Family calendar". Once saved you can go in and edit that calendar, press save and save it as "The Brown Family calendar!" It saved me hours(more) of work!
 Also, I learned I could go into My account and the under Plans and Offers click on Enter special Offer Code. Once there I entered CALENDAR 2013, as well as CAL40(40% off 2 or more calendars). I also put in the free 30 4X6s code.
Then at checkout time it was automatically added! 
Today they sent me an email for 10 free cards(flat or folded). You can use it too. If I am understanding the shipping page correctly it looks like it would cost $15.99 to have these cards shipped to you. Just enter BLACKFRIDAY as your promo code! Offer ends Sunday
My Goals for 2013!
1.This year I plan to right away download phone photos family members send me all year long, and put them in a folder.
2. I plan to use the Shutterfly quick uploader once a month to add my pictures so it isn't such a huge job Nov 20!!!
3. I plan to encourage my friend to join me(she's been dying to make one but Nov is just too busy a time at work for her).
4. Next year I will be ready to order by Nov 1st and so when the sales pop up I can do it without putting my life on hold for days! :) What about you?


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