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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finish Mail In Rebate

Remember the Finish Mail In Rebate? Did you do it? I blogged about it here. It was available on purchases of the 20 ct Finish Quantum made by May 4th. Anyways, people often as me if MIRs are a good idea. Do they really come? Well, I have been doing them for awhile now and I can tell you so far I have always received all of my rebates, and I have done tons!
The best way to get the most out of them is to:
1. Combine them with coupons, this one had a $2 off coupon
 2.Combine them with Shoppers 20X the points if you can. This meant that instead of having to spend $50, I spent $40 at a 20X the points event.
3. Combine them with 10% off days at Safeway
The best way to track your MIRs:
1.  Mark it on the calendar when you send it in.
2.Always photocopy or scan your original form and receipt.
I sent this one in on April 16th. The form said receive up to $8.49. My cheque is for $10.12!!!! I am still waiting for several Physician's Formula Rebates, but they say you'll wait 10 weeks and it usually takes that long.
What do you think? Ready to try some MIRs? Smart Canucks has a great link page here . Want to see some of the mail in rebates I have done? Go here .

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