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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Costco, Coopers and Superstore Deals

Costco still has the great deal on toilet paper! They also still have the flax on, just in case you missed it. 4X6 pictures are .08 developed, the sale is on until May 20th.
This cereal is $4.99 for the 1.6kg size.

Feta is $8.49 for the 1Kg. I did a close up to show you how far the expiry date is. I have tracked this at $8.79 last May and $8.99 last June. Not sure it will go that low again so I picked up one for the time being.

2lbs strawberries are $2.79

These chicken burgers are on at Coopers. 1kg for $2.49. We are going to try them and see if we like them and  if we do I'll buy more!

Superstore has
Romaine .68
454g mushrooms $1.98
Carrots 5lb $2.45
Cucumbers .57

Pineapples are $2.48
Watermelons $3.96
Onions 3lbs .98
Just a note for all you locals, Quality Greens has jumbo yellow onions 4lbs for $1 starting tomorrow.