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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Soon to Expire Foods

I went shopping on the first Tuesday of the month.
These are some of the things I bought and what I plan to use the foods for. One of the things that will help you spend less on groceries is combining sale prices and menu planning.
Many grocery stores discount foods that are about to expire.
Combining expiring foods with creative menu planning is another was to spend less.
This was my Extra Foods Shop. I paid $35.91 for this.
The Special K was free. The Rice Krispies were on sale plus there was a $3 coupon when you bought 3, plus there are coupons on them and a free calendar. The FINISH dishwasher cleaner is the MIR. The whipping cream and yogurt were on sale and had coupons.
The yogurt is plain and I will freeze it in ice cube trays and then pop it into Ziplocs for my buttered chicken recipe.
As you can see I got some
50% off soon to expire things.
 The cheese slices and the eggnog.
First, I need to post a list of expiry dates and the items on my fridge.
I'd show you my magnetic board and how I made my list, but it's just too messy.
All I did was write
EN-Jan 5
WC-Jan 7.
CC Jan 9.
Yog Jan 8
CS Jan 11

 I froze one of the packages of cheese slices(CS)
for grilled cheese sandwiches or hamburgers in the future.
With the eggnog(EN) I made eggnog ice cream and eggnog cake and have found some fun muffins to use it up.
The cottage cheese(CC) I froze 2 containers for future use.
I used one to make 2 trays of lasagna. We ate one for lunch and breakfast.
I have a feeling we will easily plow through the last 4 as we like to just eat it as well as I have some 3 Cheese Pinwheels to make. I will watch the expiry dates and use it up as soon as possible.

This is a Costco shop. It cost $21.67.
The crackers are on sale this week for $2.39.
The spaghetti is on sale for $3.99.
I got some spinach to make salads. 

This was my Superstore shop. The total was $62.78.
It's a lot because of the cod. I bought 4 @ $5.98 which is a great price. Hubby loves fish and we have an America's Test Kitchen for Fish and Chips that we love!
The whipping cream will be used for a shrimp recipe we like(thanks Louisa!) and I will hunt around for other recipes.
Some of it I will whip and freeze(like having  your own cool whip only way tastier and no additives).
The banana yogurt is almost gone. (It's actually quite good! Who knew!)

Creative cooking is actually quite fun! Even for someone whose not super confident in the kitchen!

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