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Thursday, January 5, 2012

$5 Ski Nights have become $10 Ski nights

Well, it's that time of year again! Time to hit the slopes for cheap! However, the lift ticket prices have doubled! Since we started skiing, almost 4 years ago,the price was $5 for night skiing and $10 for rentals. Now the price is $10 for night skiing and rentals are the same.
This starts on Friday Jan 6, 2012 at both Silverstar and Big White. (click on the underlined ski hills to go to their sites)
The times are 330pm-800pm.
Friday night ski prices run until March 31, 2012.
 Silver Star has Saturday night skiing, same times same price as Fridays. They also have $5 dinner at Town Hall.
Silver Star and Big White are also offering a punch card each night ski. Go skiing 4 nights and get your 4 punches and you will get 50% off a day ski.

Our experience has been that having your own equipment is a great way to go. It can save you time(waiting in the rental lines) and money(all those rental fees). We get our equipment at garage sales, castanet, and as hand me downs! Last summer I was looking for boots and my garage saling partner, Yoon Hee, spotted these! They are brand new and the box had the original ticket price! I paid $50!

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