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Monday, January 30, 2012

SCOP at Shoppers!

I got a couple of things at Shoppers this weekend.
The Kotex were $2.49(limit 4) and I had $2 WUB2 coupons. (from the Smartsource in the paper this wekend)
            Making them $1.49 each.
The eggs were on for $2.29.
The Old Spice was buy 2/$5 and I had the P&G coupon for $3 off WUB2
So this should have been $1 each.
I was careful to buy the correct one that matched the coupon and had the 2/$5 sale
sticker below it on the shelf.
When I finished a the till I took my purchases to the car and reread my receipt(always a good idea!)
I was surprised to find the Old Spice rung in at $4.49 a piece! So, $8.98 was charged!
Thankfully my guy is the ultimate in patient and he happily waited while I went back in.
I went back to the same teller and showed her my receipt. She said she had to check the shelf.
  She came back and said yes, I was correct and she would adjust the price. (She was very friendly throughout all of this!)
I asked her if she would be giving me one free and I showed her the Scanning Code of Practice
that was displayed above her till. She said she hadn't done that before and called her manager.
The manager came and corrected the price and gave me one free. So, for 2 Old Spice deodorant I was paid
.21(after tax) to buy them!

This cereal was $3.99 and I had a $2 off coupon that Kashi mailed me.
I learned(you probably already know this) that feminine products are only 5%(GST)taxed.
The deodorant is 12%(HST)
My grand total was $12.82

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