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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oasis Free Juice

Do you want to hear a story? If the answer is no...just skip reading this!
 Do you remember back to my Mega redemption shop? Do you remember seeing this juice? Well, I bought one of these with my free points and it had a $2 off coupon on it. I find our 24 hour store often has these $ off coupons on the juices, so you might want to check that.

 When we finally drank it at the end of December and when I took the label off to get the PIN I discovered the
promo was from Sept 6-Oct 31,2011.

I went to the website anyways and found the promo had been extended until April 30,2012.
When I typed in my PIN it directed me to the site to get my coupon for a free juice mailed to me, but it wasn't there.
So, I emailed the company from their free juice site and gave them my PIN and told them what had happened.

Very shortly thereafter I received an email saying they were looking into it.
A few days later I received a letter and a $5 coupon for any of their products!
Yesterday, at 20X the points day at Shoppers I used my coupon and bought 2 more
juices with the free juice collar. This morning I tried the site out again and 2 free juice coupons
are on their way!
So, in the end I got one free at the redemption.
I bought 2 for $7.98-$5.00=$2.98 and 2 more free. So that's 5 fruit juices for $2.98! (I will use my free juice coupons at Safeway's 10% off day for the discount and air miles.)
I was very impressed with the customer service from A.Lassonde Inc.

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