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Friday, June 6, 2014

Shoppers Spend Your Points Event This Weekend

It's been awhile since I have posted! I have some very good reasons....wanna hear? Well, on May 15th I was blessed to be present for the birth of my first grandchild! He's so fabulous! So, needless to say some trips to Surrey have been on my agenda! Now that it's so lovely outside I spend as much time as possible here. Seeing the computer screen in this brightness is hard, but I had to quickly share this with you in case you missed it! This weekend Shoppers is having their Spend Your Points event. This is one of the top redemptions they offer.(In the past they did Megas where 95000 points were worth $250, but that hasn't happened for a very long time now). I base all my points on this redemption. Normally 95000 points are worth $170. This weekend they are worth $220! That's a $50 difference! Of course, the top redemption is the best bang for your buck, but the lower ones are better that normal also. The redemption amounts are as follows: 95000=$220 50000=$110 25000=$50 If you combine this with coupons, Checkout 51, Zweet, Snap Saves and Cart Smart your savings can be even higher! I am making my list and visiting our biggest store as I hope to add some clearance items in too! Don't forget you have to pay the taxes. I always use a gift card that I purchased with my Shoppers Mastercard in order to get even more points! image

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