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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Update Your Shoppers Profile and Get 6000 Points! Hurry ends Tomorrow!

Shoppers has been sending out promo codes on a regular basis. This time there are 2 different ones. Start with the 4000 point one first. Go to Shoppers here . There is a drop down promo that comes up right away click on the promo code 4141. This will prompt you to sign in with the Shoppers Optimum card number and password. Once you do that enter the promo code 4141 at the top where indicated. Update your info and submit. Do this before tomorrow, June 27, and you will get 4000 points added to your account July 11. 
 Do all these steps again this time entering promo code 1585 and you will get 2000 points added Aug 4. How much is 6000 points worth? Well if you wait until a 95000 points =$220 promo, these points are worth $13.89! Not bad for 5 minutes work!

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