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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First Tuesday of the Month Shopping

blog 019
Shopping at Safeway for customer appreciation day was quite productive! As you can see there was lots of clearance! The grand total was $55.98. The breakdown is as follows.
Checkout 51 Purchases
Dad's cookies $4-$2 = $2 X 2
Valley Selection Vegetables $2.99-$1= $1.99
Free Product Coupons
Trop 50 $5.29-max $5.19=.10
ButterBall Turkey Bacon $4.29-$4.29=free
Clorox Stain Remover $4.39-max $3.29=$1.10
Safeway coupons
New at Safeway $2 off chicken lasagna
Safeway email direct cheese for $4.99 X 4=$19.96
We played the cheese game of course and got sizes from .503-.526! Total of 2.06 kg of cheese.
Manufactures' coupons
$1 off WYB2 Dawn
2 Dawn $3.88-$1=$2.88
Lysol MIR$3.50 plus tax .42= $3.94 Max rebate =$4.29
3 Yogurt 50% off $3.73
Sour cream 50% off $1.37
2 1L Whipping Cream 50% off $4.82
2 Organic salsa 50% off $4.18
The salmon were B1G1 so 2 for $13.73
10% off $7.61
Why did I get $7.61 when I spent only $55.98 total you ask? Well, first of all it's very important to go through self checkout. The computer is set up so you scan all your items and when you are done it asks if you want 10% off or 10 X the air miles. Then it asks for your coupons! Some people have had success doing this with the cashiers at the regular tills, but I never have.
This is actually 2 different bills combined. I did one for just one pack of the Dad's(I need a separate receipt for Checkout 51)
 and 2 cheeses, (there is a limit of 2 per card). So one bill was $11.98 and I did not get 10% off. My other bill I ended up paying $44 out of pocket after Checkout 51 and MIR.

blog 017
Superstore had this Maple Leaf bacon on clearance! Plus there were $1 off introductory coupons stuck on them! Plus, I had a $2 off coupon from Maple Leaf!
The other package was $2.69.
blog 016
Costco still has the pork on this week! This one was $13.62-$5=$8.62
The Ecos laundry detergent is on for $9.49. My sister in law loves it so I thought we would try it.
blog 015
Save On has buy 5 Kraft products get $5 off. The coupon is in this week's flyer.The salad dressings are $2.50 and the cream cheese is $3.50 so $14.50-$5=$9.50 for these 5 Kraft Products. The Country Harvest are Checkout 51 offers. They are $2.50 less .75 from Check out 51 making them $1.75 a loaf! I just learned that starting tomorrow Checkout 51 has $1 off Country Harvest 100% loaves, so you could get them for $1.50!
blog 014
Walmart total spent $8.77.
Milk $4.36-$1 Lakeview Markets coupon=$3.36
Dad's cookies PM Safeway $4-$2 Checkout 51 =$2
Rice Krispie Squares $1.94-$1 coupon-.50 Checkout 51=.44
Flat Bread $3-$2 coupon=$1
Onions $1.97
Whew! That was a long one....go take a rest!

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