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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Checkout 51 Buys!

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It's spring break here. We get 2 weeks, which is sooooo nice. I have finished my chores for the day, so I get to blog! I have really enjoyed Checkout 51 and combining deals and coupons with it! Here is a small sampling of what we have bought over the last 2 months. Lots of items are gone, as they have been eaten! Even so of the boxes you see here are empty!
 Everything in the picture should have cost $71.51, I  paid a total of $.70 to buy it.
A break down is as follows
I was paid to buy the smellies and the Finish. How? Well, the Finish I bought at Canadian Tire. It was $6.60(taxes in), I had a $2 off coupon and a $5 CT scratch card and Checkout 51 paid me $1.50, so I made $1.90.
The Glade smellies were on clearance for .25! Checkout 51 paid me $2 each, so after taxes I made $5.16.
The big Glade smelly was $5.60(taxes in) I had a $5 off coupon and Checkout 51 paid me $5 so I made $4.40!!!
Taco kits were $2 each, but they had a free snack at the movie on them. We used them at our night out, they were worth $5.49(small popcorn)and $4.50(regular candy). Total made on these $5.99.
Total made $17.45
How much I paid after Checkout 51 and coupons
The Hungry Man's were $1.24 each
Tostitos $1.30 each
Oikos yogurt .73
Bread $1.50
Kraft singles .97
Beans .65
Classico $1 each
Rice Krispies .44
Triscuits .49 each
Dad's $1.60
Toothpaste .24(tax)each
Valley Selections frozen vegetables $1.69

Why do I show this to you? Well, my hope is that you too can save/make money, by combining deals! 

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