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Thursday, December 29, 2011

50% off one item at ZellersI

Zellers is offering a 50% off one item coupon.
You can print it by clicking here (Zellers has removed all coupon links, but if you have already printed it you can use it still but only on regularly priced items, not things on sale) It is good until Dec 31, 2011. 

I bought this crockpot when my last one died at Value Village. As you can see it cost $9.99. Now, a slow cooker is supposed to cook...slowly, right? This one only knows turbo cook and so has been VERY challenging ! I decided that with my 50% off coupon I would buy a crock pot. I have had bad experiences with Hamilton Beach crocks(brand new ) and so I didn't see any point in getting one of those. Then I saw the Crock pot brand crock pot and thought, surely this one will work well! So, the original price was $39.99 and I got $20.00 off. A little while ago I got a notice from my HBC credit card saying  they were changing banks and if I would verify my identity they would give me $10 on my January statement. So, that makes this brand new crock pot $10,plus taxes and enviro fee.
What are you needing???

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