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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10% off Day and TOO MANY FLYERS!

So, obviously I have TOO many flyers at my house! Somehow last week's didn't get thrown out, recycled, so my list for what to get at Extra Foods was a week late! Yikes! I still didn't clue in until I got to the store where the very kind dairy man was stocking the cheese. I asked him how come I had a different price in my flyer, from what was on the shelf. He was puzzled too, until we discovered it was last week's flyer! I guess I was thrown off by the 10-25% off coupons being on last week also! Anyways, I ended up getting some nice big mandarin oranges and a few other things... :)

This is what I got at 10% off day at Safeway. The pile on the floor to the far left, those products were all free.

You can click on this picture and make it larger so you can read the numbers. I was off on my idea of what those Kraft product prices would be! My grand total before coupons and 10% off was $75.74. I got $5.89 off for the 10%. My coupons were $28.33. The eggnog was on sale and discounted due to expiry date, so that was $1 off. My total was $40.52. I received 91 airmiles(or half a full movie package :)
I don't think you can bring your total below $35 before tax, that's what they always tell me...I need to check into that. Anyone ever done it???

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