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Thursday, November 14, 2013


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The Amazing Sky!

Well, exciting news! PC Points Plus program has finally come to our neck of the woods! I am so glad! I have been watching this program for months now as it was first released out east. What it is is a free points program at Superstore. Just go into Superstore and get your free card, you don't need to have a PC bank card or PC Mastercard to participate. You can also download the app on your tablet or smart phone. You get offers sent to your app or email each week. All you do is show your card at checkout at the start of cashing out and your points are added. If I understand correctly you can only do one of each offer per PC card, so you can get the produce 5000 points and the pizza 5000 points and any of the other offers, but only one time. I was in the store today and learned this was incorrect. You can do the offers as many times as you want, but all in one shop, or receipt. Maybe you can have more than one card per household?

This week's flyers have some good ones! I like that that their point to money ratio is easy to figure out(unlike Shoppers!) 1000 PC points = $1
Superstore this week starting Nov 15
Spend $20 on produce get 5000 points($5) that's a 25% savings!
Tomatoes .96/lb
Potatoes 20lbs $4.88
Mushrooms 454g $1.98
NN Frozen Vegetables $3.68(limit 4) 500 points(.50)
NN Pasta 500g .75
Cod, Sole, Basa frozen 1.36kg $10
Lean Cuisine 2000 points price match Save On where they are $2 this coming week and use the Checkout 51 app to get another $1! You make a $1 to buy it!
Cheerios 525-725g $4.97 2000 points($2)
Hellman's Mayo 750-800ml 2000 points($2) There's a $1 off printable here

Buitoni Pizza 5000 points ($5) there's a $1 off coupon from a recent insert and

Sat Nov 16 is NO TAX Day!
Wait to buy these items if you can and you need them

Sorry for some reason my Rebee flyer for my area said it was tax free day! When I got the actual flyer it wasn't!
Palmolive 1.1 L $2.47 2500 points($2.50!)limit 2
Finish 20-25 $5.97(limit 2) 5000 points($5) there's a $1 off coupon from the free sample sent out and there are others from smart source. Combine this with the MIR and you could get 2 free!
Dove Bar $1 limit 8 100 points(.10)
Dove Body Wash 1500 points($1.50)

Colgate toothpaste 130 ml $1 limit 8 100 points(.10)
Will you try this new card out?

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