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Monday, November 11, 2013

5 Meals, 1 Box of Chicken Breasts, 1 Hour

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I get to go away someplace warm! Soon! I am so excited! In preparation I decide to make some freezer meals, for my family. I spent some time on Pinterest and found some ideas. The Chicken Dijon and Chicken with Corn and Beans are from this website.The rest I made up from recipes we enjoy. I used one box of frozen, boneless,skinless chicken breasts(you could use bone in pieces too)which I bought at Safeway on 10% off day. So, $26.36-$2.64=$23.74 divide that by 5 and it's about $4.75 worth of meat per meal. From start to finish it took one hour to prepare!
All need to be thawed in the fridge over night(or you can put them in frozen if you want, just increase the cooking time). All have instructions to cook for 8 hours, but you can adjust that according to your crock pot's cooking time.
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Sweet and Sour Veggie Chicken
3 Chicken Breasts
1/2 Bag Frozen Zen Garden Vegetable
Homemade Sweet and Sour Sauce
1 cup cold water
1/2 cup Ketchup
1/2 cup Vinegar
2/3 cup Brown sugar
2 Tbsp corn starch
Mix all ingredients in a bowl with a whisk. Pour over chicken breasts and add veggies. Squish bag around to mix and coat the chicken. 

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The night before you want to eat this, take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge. The next morning pour the contents into your crock pot. Cook on low for 8 hours.
Serve over white or brown rice.
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These are the ingredients for the sweet and sour sauce from above.
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In this sweet and sour sauce I added half of a pineapple chopped into bite size pieces.
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Pour over the chicken breasts to coat. Same cooking directions for all of these recipes. Serve over rice sticks.
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 Chicken with Corn and Beans
1 can of black beans rinsed
1 cup of frozen corn
1/2 onion chopped
juice from 1 lime
parsley or cilantro
salt and pepper to taste
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Mix all ingredients together.
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Pour over chicken breasts.
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 Maple Dijon Glazed Chicken
2 Tbsp red wine vinegar
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup Dijon mustard
salt and pepper to taste
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Mix all ingredients together.
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Pour over chicken breasts.
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The ingredients for the Chicken Tacos are just the seasoning mix from the taco kit and 2 of the sauce packs(I always have them left over from the kits as we don't use them).
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Mix the 3 packages together.
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Pour over the chicken breasts. When using this you'll need to shred or dice the chicken once it's done cooking. It can be served with corn tacos or soft tortilla ,cheese and tomatoes and salsa.
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Thought you might want to see the white crock pot  It's my only crock pot that actually cooks like a slow cooker! I got it at a garage sale this summer and it's been so fabulous! $5 well spent!
Here are some sides to serve the chicken dishes with. There's white and brown rice, brown rice and quinoa, rice sticks or gluten free pasta.

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Alicia said...

Thanks for the recipes! I make something similar to the black bean/corn chicken but I dump in some salsa (or diced tomatoes).

I am going to try your sweet and sour recipes. Slow cookers are so great, but I find white chicken breast dries out too much so I end up using thighs or legs.