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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thursday Deal for Money Making Shampoo!

Tomorrow you could go to Target and use the $3 off coupon for Clear or the  buy one shampoo get a free conditioner  coupon.Combine this with the $2 cash back tomorrow on Checkout 51 and make money! It's $3.64 at Target until tomorrow. Or, if you have the Target flyer you could price match at Superstore, Walmart or Extra Foods. Not your brand of shampoo? Why not donate it? The Target flyer ends tomorrow and the Checkout 51 deal starts tomorrow. You could always coupon stack at Save on and get a free conditioner or a free Degree product and the $3 off and the $2 cash back, I don't know how much it is at Save on. Looks like IGA will have it on for $3.99 starting Friday. Love free! :)


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