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Friday, June 3, 2011

This Week's Sales

Well happy sunny weekend! It will be a quick post as I dash off to get my vitamin D! This is very important!

Walmart June 3-9
Watermelons $3.97
Green onions .33/bunch
Cauliflower $1.47 each
Ragu 700ml $1.25

Extra foods(Superstore) 3-9
Pineapples $1.96
Roma Tomatoes .86/lb
Fresh Chicken Thighs $2.18(not screaming, but reasonable)
NN TP 24 doubles $6.98!!! 14 1/2cents/roll limit 6
Extra Foods has family appreciation days June 5-6
Spend $25 get 10% off
Spend $50 get 12% off
Spend $100 get 15%off

Save On 5-11
Green Grapes $1.49/lb(Cooper's has red grapes $1.49/lb)
Broccoli Crowns .99/lb
Green Peppers .99/lb

Shopper's has spend your points this June 4-5
40,000 points gets you $90 off(extra $27)
80,000 points gets you $200 off(extra $64)
I am waiting for Christmas as it is usually a bit better deal and I buy Christmas presents. However, this is pretty good if you have 80,000!

June 8 is Clean Air Day! Travel on the bus all day for free! There are a few locations for a free continental breakfast too. Check out the details in the Capital News!
Hope it's sunny where you are!

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