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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Free Pictures, coupons, mid week sales, and dental update.

Lots of coupons at PG Brand Saver.

Did you get your free Cheerios? I finally did at Cooper's. It was a bit of a challenge to find the right size? Cost of the cereal? $5.29! The kids love it.
What about the little potatoes? Any one have any luck getting those? I have not had any luck so far. They carry them at all the stores I have checked at, but not in the 2lb size. Any suggestions out there? I haven't tried Choices yet, has anyone else?

Internet savings anyone? Right now Telus has promotional offers for Internet. If you are with someone else you can phone them and let them know you found this offer. Often times they will match it or lower your present bill. I have had success in doing this in the past. This offer is only good until June 7th.

50 free 4X6 here.

Old Town Farm Market June 2-7th

All color peppers .99/lb
Bananas .59/lb
Baby watermelon 2/$3
Radishes/green onions 3/.99
Romaine .79

Springfield Bulk Foods has graham cracker crumbs .35/100g good until June 5th. Today is family discount day.
MTF has salsa 1.9L $3.99
Vanilla Wafers 340g $1 (i crush these up and use them like graham cracker crumbs for crusts.

Update on the dental saga! We find out our plan has no major, which is what a crown is. We have been in contact with the original dentist and he is to let us know what his guarantee policy is. Meanwhile, hubby had it reattached, which could last a long time. Total cost so far...$181.60.Not,bad. Thanks to all of you who emailed me and commented on this post!

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