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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coupon Book

You know that coupon book you sometimes get in the mail? Okanagan Sunshine? When you need it you can't find it? It contains great coupons for restaurants and activities in the Okanagan. Here's the link! Enjoy!

Seems July 1 Shoppers Optimium Points redemption levels will change. You can read all the details at Red Flag Deals.

Update on phone system. Awhile ago I told you we got a Magic Jack Phone system. Let me update you on how that's going. First of all the disadvantage to you(and me)is that your phone number(even though it's the right area code)will not have the correct prefix for your local friends and family to call you locally. Calling me is long distance for people in my area. Solution: we kept our Vonage account(which we are quite happy with)but downgraded it. Our new plan is $19.95/month and is 500 minutes long distance unlimited incoming calls and all the calling features you could want.(If we go over the 500 minutes it costs 4.9cents/min). We were paying for the premium unlimited service. Now we have 2 phone lines, have I mentioned we have a teenager? We use the Magic Jack to do all our long distance and Vonage(if you are interested in trying Vonage let me know and I'll send you an invite which will get you a free month service to try it out.) for all else.Savings?$100.05 this year and $160.76 next year if we just go year by year. Kind of nice as our home insurance went up $152.04!!this year.

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