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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I learned about this week's sales

While shopping for the LOSS leaders this week this is what I found.
Superstore's Oil of Olay sale is a misprint. They meant the 4 bars not 8, but their policy is that if you bring the item to customer service they will honor their flyer price. It is an absolutely screaming deal and the limit is 4.
Also at Superstore the 2L($3.97) of syrup is cheaper than the one sale small syrup.(way to go Lynn!)Remember you can take your Shoppers flyer to Superstore and get the orange juice that's on sale.
Cascade is on sale at Costco. The 5.1kg is $7.99.
The pork loin at save on is a long, long piece of meat. I cut it up into 6 roasts.

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