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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grocery Shopping

In order to go shopping this week I copied and pasted the weekly sales into a word document and then printed them off. I folded them up and put them in my purse. My first stop was Superstore and I had along all the competitors flyers(with my reusable bags of course!). Most of the time Superstore looks at the competitors flyers and matches or lowers the price by a cent or two. Rather than travel to all the different stores I was able to get all the loss leaders(sales intended to get you into the store where you will buy way more than just the sales)with only one stop! If they don't have the same deal and you bring along your flyer and they carry that exact product, they will match the price. I guess the key is being organized....I'm going shopping so I need 1. Money for the cart
2.Reusable bags or bins
3.This week's flyers
4.Loss leader list

Thought I would post the online grocery flyer links for you.


Save On






Old Town Farm Market

Quality Greens

Red Flag Deals

Save Canada


Shoppers Drug Mart

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