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Friday, December 13, 2013

ING Direct Get $50-$100 to Open a Bank Account!

Ing Direct Banking is offering you $50-$100 to open a bank account, but it's only on until Dec 31. I have had an ING account for awhile now, but they have recently improved access greatly by offering the ability to just take a picture of your cheque with your smart phone or tablet! It's so fast with the new app! Oh, and to send someone money via email is free
My friend signed up on Wednesday and we each got the $50 on Friday!
Here's the fine print:
1. To get the $50, just open an account with ING direct. If you use my numbers below I get $50 also. Thanks in advance! Once you are signed up you get your own orange referral number so you can start referring and getting the bonuses!
2. To get the $100 add your pay as a direct deposit.

These 3 pictures are a snap shot of what you have to fill out to open a chequing account with ING.
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After filling this out, you write yourself a cheque for $100. Download the ING free app for your smartphone or tablet. Take a picture of your cheque. You are done!(Don't have a smartphone? You can mail in your cheque, it takes a bit longer, but it works)
Want to get $100 instead of $50? Add your pay as a direct deposit and you get $100!

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