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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Car Rentals

What a beautiful picture! Thanks Kerry!
More on Saving on Car Rentals
Well, my car rental story isn't over. As I told you in the earlier post, I use a car rental search engine called . I signed up for their emails so I am emailed when they have a sale. Today, I received an email so once again I checked it out. Our car was less expensive again.
1.On the front page you can click a box that asks if you'd like to Compare in different window. Check that box. After a few seconds a second window will open to the Hotwire site comparing for the same reservation, but lower rates.
2.The catch with this site is that you have to book with a credit or debit card(whereas with the car rentals site you don't have to)and you don't know what company you are with(the companies they use are Alamo,Avis,Budget,Enterprise,Eurocar(International Only),Hertz,or National). Once you have made your reservation they tell you the company name.
3.If you have an entertainment book you can use your coupon by doing the following
B. Print this page(put your reservation info in on the right side)
C. Put in you reservation and print it off
D.Send your coupon these 2 pages(the first one needs to be signed)
Hotwire Mail-In Rebate
P.O.Box 2870
San Fransisco,CA 94126-2870
I have used Hotwire before, without problems.
Now our car rental story is over.(no cancellations with Hot wire). For 3 weeks we will pay $289 all taxes in(wow there's lots of taxes!) $9.95 a day! Hope you can save too!

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